Drumlore is a techno label established in the summer of 2009 by DJ Basilisk and DJ Lexicon and later joined by Søren Nordström.  Since the summer of 2015 we’ve shifted away from our progressive roots and are narrowing our vision for 21st century techno-music.
We are dedicated to the finest in deep, hypnotic, and atmospheric underground techno, tech house, and dub techno.


Preview and freely download all of our releases in MP3, FLAC, and WAV format:

Søren Nordström – Deep State [DRMF10]
Ben Rama – Live In Montreal [DRMF09]
Søren Nordström – Protogenesis [DRMF08]
Juicy Bits – Honey Dolphins [DRMF07]
Nozem – White Noise In C Major [DRMF06]
Tactic Tech – Mechanism [DRMF05]
Ben Rama – The Invisible Kingdom [DRMF04]
Likewise – Kiss My Aura [DRMF03]
Aerodrömme – Pop The Cherry [DRMF02]
Repeat Customer – Slackers Unite [DRMF01]

Active Affiliates

Ben Rama
DJ Basilisk
Søren Nordström


Please contact us for booking requests for the affiliates listed above. DJ Basilisk is also available for booking in North America this August and September.


Drumlore is accepting demos in 2016. We are mainly looking for techno, tech house, and dub techno around 120 to 140 BPM. Releases are generally four tracks and up. Contact us with your demo if you are interested.