Dike Disko – Hot Pursuit

00 - Dike Disko - Hot Pursuit

Ukrainian newcomer Dike Disko makes an impressive debut on Drumlore with the Hot Pursuit EP, an interesting collection of moody, minimal tech house and techno. This release makes use of deep, electro-esque bass lines, and melodic, hypnotic pads.

  1. Megalopolis (127 BPM)
  2. Jungle Ghetto (121 BPM)
  3. Night Crimes (121 BPM)
  4. Hot Pursuit (126 BPM)
  5. WALP (124 BPM)

Mastering by Dan Driscoll
Artwork by Kassidy Crowe
Released by Drumlore [DRMF17].

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!

DJ Basilisk – All Stars 2011

DJ Basilisk - All Stars 2011
  1. Extrawelt – Yummy Unbroken [Boxer Recordings]
  2. Max Cooper – Solace [Traum Schallplatten]
  3. Sebastian Mullaert – Voices Around The Fire (Buenos Aires Mix) [Mule Electronic]
  4. Daniel Mehlhart – Deep Crazy Synth (Minilogue’s Dismantling The Storm Mix) [Wir]
  5. Muzarco – Red Streams [Punch Music]
  6. Aril Brikha – Glacier For Minou [Art Of Vengeance]
  7. Ryan Davis – Loophole [Traum Schallplatten]
  8. Oliver Schories – Black Rain [Parquet Recordings]
  9. Monaque – ID (Marc Marzenit Remix) [microCastle]
  10. Sivesgaard – Unorthodox (Oliver Schories Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
  11. Carl Craig – At Les (Christian Smith’s Tronic Treatment Remix) [Tronic Records]
  12. Vibrasphere – Purple [Tribal Vision Records]
  13. Philip Michael Andersson & Miguel Santos – Endless (Guy J Remix) [Faith Music]
  14. Cid Inc. – Spacegulls (Henry Saiz’s Sirens Call Mix) [Afterglow]
  15. Daniel Mehes – Sparkling Depth [Flow Records]
  16. Hot Chip – I Feel Better (Max Cooper Remix) [Flash]
  17. Cid Inc. & Egostereo – Tokai [McGroove Records]
  18. Microtrauma – Outcry [Traum Schallplatten]
  19. Solee – Legends [Parquet Recordings]
  20. Ian O’Donovan – Aurora Borealis (Henry Saiz 70’s Remix) [Bedrock Records]
  21. Damabiah – Irminsul, Le Pilier Du Monde [Natura Sonaris]
  22. Antix – Manta [Iboga Records]
  23. Extrawelt – Too Confuzzled [Ideal Audio]

Recorded live at the All Stars festival, an event held near Fenelon Falls, Ontario, on August 28th, 2011. The setting: a hazy Sunday afternoon beneath the outflow clouds of Hurricane Irene. Style: neotrance, dream techno, and progressive trance.

Download this mix (256k MP3, 130 minutes, 250 Mb) or stream it on Mixcloud.

Photo credit: Mariana Castro.

Ben Rama – The Invisible Kingdom

Ben Rama - The Invisible Kingdom

After years of relentless experimentation Ben Rama makes his formal debut with The Invisible Kingdom, a 4-track EP released on Drumlore, a Canadian techno netlabel. Originally from the East Coast, Ben Rama recently moved to the electronic music mecca of Montreal to further dedicate himself to his craft. Drawing upon the finest elements of techno, minimal, and progressive, this release is a precision-crafted gem loaded with heavy grooves, intricate rhythms, and nuanced melodies.

  1. Welcome OM (128 BPM)
  2. Barbelith (128 BPM)
  3. Strange Perceptions (129 BPM)
  4. Gypsies & Jezebels (129 BPM)

Written and produced by Ben Cosman.
Mastered by Jeremy @ Attitude Recordings.
Artwork by Alexander Synaptic (more).
Released by Drumlore [DRMF04].

Download: MP3 / FLAC / WAV

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!

DJ Basilisk – Eclipse 2009

DJ Basilisk - Live at Eclipse 2009
  1. Dominik Eulberg – Sansula (Max Cooper’s Lost In Sound Mix) [Traum Schallplatten]
  2. Gui Boratto – Matroyshka [Nervous Records]
  3. SHIN – Folger (Robert Babicz’s Feeling Good Remix) [Yellow Tail]
  4. Fuzzion – Free Tibet [Boshke Beats]
  5. Extrawelt – Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese [Traum Schallplatten]
  6. Moonbeam – Night Traffic [Traum Schallplatten]
  7. Eelke Kleijn – It All Comes Together (Fiord Remix) [Audio Therapy]
  8. Max Cooper – Harmonisch Serie [Traum Schallplatten]
  9. AstroNivo – Nature Of Destiny (Brisker & Magitman Remix) [EchoPlast]
  10. Dubfire vs Oliver Huntemann – Diablo [Cocoon Recordings]
  11. Fuzzion – Closer [Boshke Beats]
  12. Fiord – Get Up Jude (Beckers Remix) [eVapour8 Recordings]
  13. AstroNivo – Blast Out [Blue Tunes Records]
  14. Dusty Kid – Lynchesque [Boxer Recordings]
  15. Tegma – Twister [Tribal Vision Records]
  16. AstroNivo – From Here [Flow Vinyl]
  17. RPO & David Weed – Industry (Perfect Stranger Remix) [Tribal Vision Records]
  18. Riktam & Bansi – Ride The Snake [Plastik Park]
  19. Audio Junkies – Dark Side Of The Mood [Vertikal Records]
  20. AstroNivo – Bonanza (SQL Remix) [Tribal Vision Records]
  21. Beckers & Hatfield – You’re Not Me (Fiord Remix) [Sprout Music]
  22. Tom Hades – Cinema Club (Wehbba Remix) [Stolen Moments]
  23. Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak – Shnorkel [eVapour8 Recordings]
  24. D-Nox & Beckers – Son Of A Pitch [Systematic Recordings]

This set was recorded live at the 2009 edition of Eclipse, an annual psytrance festival held at the Bonnet Rouge campground in Ste-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, Québec. My time slot was 9pm to 11pm on the opening night, Friday. Since people were just arriving I opted to play a deep and driving blend of techno and progressive psytrance to warm up the crowd and get everyone excited for the three days and nights of music to come. As with any live recording there are a few imperfections but I am mostly happy with how it all came out. Given how early I was on, many of my friends from Toronto were unable to catch it, so posting this set is also my way of saying “here’s what you missed!”

Download this mix (256k MP3, 133 minutes, 245 Mb) or stream it on Mixcloud.