DJ Lexicon

Back from Taiwan and moved by the deep and pulsating beats of techno, Alex K (DJ Lexicon) has been exploring new musical trends and laying down serious beats at events in and around Toronto. Alongside DJ Basilisk, Alex is about to launch a new techno net label “Drumlore” to further explore this sound and introduce this auratory experience to a dance floor eager for a change.

Alex K has been DJing since 2006, wanting to share his love of dance floor tunes. He has played along side acts like Atmos, Ticon, Vibrasphere, Perfect Stranger, Solor Fields and Sally Doolally.

Initially inspired by the sounds of psychedelic trance, in recent years Alex has been inspired by progressive beats and lately has been mostly playing pumping techno, inspired by the likes of Popof, Fiord, Ido Ophir, D-Nox & Beckers, Koen Groeneveld, MOS, and Spektre to name a few.

DJ Lexicon is now retired.