Likewise – Kiss My Aura

Likewise - Kiss My Aura

Likewise is a brand new techno project founded by veteran producer Jeremy Reid AKA Tapwatr (Attitude Recordings, Noerg) and Dominic Poulin AKA DJ Tenzin (Attitude Recordings, Tech Safari), both instrumental figures in the electronic music underground in Montreal, Canada. Pulsating with hypnotic energy, Kiss My Aura demonstrates a dark and edgy vision of minimal and progressive techno. Toronto producers Knifestyle and Aerodrömme both put their own twist on the original to round out the release.

  1. Kiss My Aura (128 BPM)
  2. Kiss My Aura (Knifestyle Remix) (124 BPM)
  3. Kiss My Aura (Aerodrömme Remix) (126 BPM)

Written and produced by Jeremy Reid and Dominic Poulin.
Remixed by Blake Dailey, Boris Kurtzman, and Steve Chan.
Mastered by Jeremy @ Attitude Recordings.
Artwork by Alexander Synaptic.
Released by Drumlore [DRMF03].

Download: MP3 / FLAC / WAV

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!

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