Fennec – This Place Was Once A Palace

Fennec - This Place Was Once A Palace

Drumlore is proud to present This Place Was Once A Palace, the debut of producer Fennec on the label. Exploring moods of loss, excess, and the emptiness of material wealth, Fennec treads on familiar territory, drawing on hip-hop and found sounds, while venturing deeper into the bowels of house and techno. If you’re not weeping on the dancefloor, it’s because you’re crying in the bathroom as you hear the bassline of Omertà creep in on your shower radio.

  1. Omertà (114 BPM)
  2. Consumes You (120 BPM)
  3. Nightlock (132 BPM)
  4. Pale Gold Sun (124 BPM)

All tracks written, produced, and mastered by Fennec.
Released by Drumlore [DRMF13].

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!